Your individual Shyrdak

Create your very own Shyrdak!

Are you looking for a custom made, exclusive felt carpet? It will be made for you in Kyrgyzstan according to your individual specifications. Surprisingly, there is no additional cost for custom made Shyrdaks.

You choose the colours, motifs and size. The Feelfelt Partners will make a one-of-a-kind Shyrdak just for you, in the best quality, using environmentally friendly dyes. Give us your personal requirements. We will submit to you a suggestion.

Since each Shyrdak is made by hand, their sizes can differ by up to 5%. Prices are based on the size of finished products. Delivery for custom made Shyrdaks is about 3-4 months.

Prices are inclusive of Value Added Tax and the initial mild cleaning and moth protection.


length cm width cm


square shape

round shape

oval shape


    base colour
    ornament colour


jagged/rippled 4-8 cm

jagged/rippled inner border and a broad outer border (20-30cm)

cube shaped

with dots and ripples


no border
    colour of border 1
    colour of border 2

plaited string

    colour of plaited string


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